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Here’s 6 Things Parents Need To Know About Secondary 1 Math

Dear Parent,

We understand that the transition from Primary 6 (after PSLE) to Secondary 1 can be an uncertain time for parents, and sometimes a little frightening for children.

Aside from attending a new school, with new surroundings and new classmates - many parents wonder if their child will be able to ‘fit in’ and learn effectively.

After a well-deserved short break following PSLE, as the Secondary school year approaches you may start wondering...

  • How is Secondary 1 different to Primary 6?
  • Does my child currently have the skills and understanding to do well in Sec 1?
  • Does primary school adequately prepare children for Secondary 1?
  • Will my child’s PSLE score indicate how well he/she will do in Secondary 1?

The answers may surprise you.

We’ve found that while most parents are very aware of the journey to PSLE, 72%* of parents are unaware that P6 concepts are largely irrelevant in Secondary 1.

And for this reason, the vast majority of students enter Sec 1 unprepared and therefore, have difficulties ‘catching up’ throughout the Secondary 1 year.

Here are 6 things most parents DO NOT know (but should know) about Secondary 1 Math...

*Based on our internal survey of parents

1. Skills Needed To Pass Primary 6 Are NOT The Same As Secondary 1

In Primary 6, your child was taught how to solve math problem sums (word problems) by identifying CONCEPTS, such as “guess and check” (there are 12 concepts in total).

If they mastered CONCEPTS, they’ll probably score well in math. However, in secondary 1 concepts are no longer required.

The Secondary 1 syllabus is focused on TOPICS, such as Whole Numbers, Fractions, Angles, Geometry, Speed, Volume etc.

So what’s the problem?
Your child will not be able to easily apply what they learned in P6, to the Secondary 1 syllabus.

It IS possible to bridge the P6-Sec1 gap, but schools don’t teach this (more on this below).

2. Secondary School Teachers Are NOT Primary School Teachers

In almost all schools and tuition centres, Secondary 1 teachers have no experience with the primary school syllabus and how Primary students are taught.

This means that once your child begins secondary school, the teacher will assume that your child knows how to pick up the new topics (that they may never have been taught). The Sec 1 teacher may also teach in a way that is not aligned with how your child was taught to solve problems in P6.

This lack of continuity of learning/teaching methods from P6 to Sec1 is really problematic for students and can take months for Sec 1 students to adjust, causing them to have a ‘slow start’ in secondary school.

If your child is not strong in the foundation, he or she might lose out and eventually lose interest.

(Sidenote: At Math Scholars, our Primary 6 math coaches also teach Secondary 1, so we know how to ensure a smooth (and fun) transition from P6 to Sec 1)

3. Success or Failure in PSLE Has Virtually No Bearing On Success Or Failure in Secondary School

The Secondary 1 syllabus is totally different to the P6 syllabus.

Students will need to be equipped with different skills in Sec 1 compared to P6, if they are to do well.

If your child scores well in PSLE, they’ll need to continue to study effectively to achieve the same results in Secondary school.

If your child does not achieve high marks in PSLE, secondary school represents a new opportunity to do well.

4. Most Parents Cannot Teach Their Kids Secondary Math

Despite their best intentions and helpfulness, for most parents Secondary math is just too difficult to teach at home.

Topics such as Algebraic Equations, Inequalities, Rate & Speed, Volume & Surface Area, Fractions, and Geometry can be quite advanced.

Skilled teachers, tutors, and coaches are critical in Secondary school.

5. The ‘Right Start’ Makes Secondary 1 Easier

Like most situations in life, a slow start means that you’re always playing ‘catch up’.
It’s much better to get a head start, or start strongly.

In Secondary Math, we’ve found that students who are well prepared tend to score well in their first test.

And this ‘confidence boost’ allows the student to continue the momentum while other students can feel lost and ‘behind’.

Good preparation is key.

6. Preparation For Secondary 1 Works Best When It’s Fun


Many tuition centres continue to run classes after PSLE.

The problem is...
Most tuition centres use the same routine of drilling, textbooks, and test papers - which your child will not enjoy one bit (especially after the gruelling PSLE).

However, it is possible for your child to continue to learn and prepare for Secondary 1 while having fun at the same time - if the tuition/enrichment centre changes their programme to a more light-hearted, fun, and interactive programme.

This way, children can become Sec1-ready and have fun at the same time.

(Sidenote: That’s exactly what we’ve done at Math Scholars. Read how we make the P6-Sec 1 transition fun and interactive below)


If you’d like to give your child the strongest start to Secondary 1 math, by bridging the gap from PSLE without stressful study classes and boring textbooks - then we’ve developed the perfect programme just for you...

At Math Scholars, we’ve built a unique 10-week programme where your child can avoid the problematic transition from P6 to Sec 1, by learning exactly how to apply what they’ve learned in PSLE to Secondary 1 (schools don’t teach this), through fun and interactive learning methods.

It’s so much fun, that your child may not realise that they are actually studying at the same time.

We call it our “Primary 6 to Secondary 1 Hands-On Bridging Programme”, and it begins on 15th October 2016.




This 10-week ‘hands-on’ program is designed to help kids transition smoothly into Secondary level Math.

They’ll make the most of their knowledge and skills learnt in Primary school, to give them a strong foundation for Secondary school.

We use fun and interactive teaching methods so that your child will enjoy learning, retain long term knowledge, and know exactly how to use their current knowledge and apply it to the (very different) Secondary 1 syllabus.

We use a mix of individual and group activities, both indoor and outdoor, to help your child learn through real-life scenarios and the world of mathematics that surrounds us in our daily lives.

The programme includes one class each week (on weekends) for a series of 10 weeks.

Programme Dates:

This is a 10 week programme.

Starts: 15th October 2016
Ends: 18th December 2016

Class Times:

(Select the class time that suits you best)

Saturday 10am – 12pm
Saturday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Sunday 10am – 12pm

Topics Covered In The 10-Week Programme:

Once each week (Saturday or Sunday)
10 week programme

Week 1 Prime numbers, whole numbers, real numbers, integers, HCF (Highest Common Factor) , LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)
Week 2 Algebra
Week 3 Algebraic Equations
Week 4 Inequalities
Week 5 Inequalities
Week 6 Functions & Graphs
Week 7 Functions & Graphs
Week 8 Rate & Speed
Week 9 Angles
Week 10 Volume & Surface Area


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      If you join the ‘Primary 6 to Secondary 1 Hands-on Bridging Programme’ before October 12th...

      You will receive a bonus ‘SMART-NOTES’ Pack, 100% FREE.

      What’s included in the Smart-Notes Pack?

      The Smart-Notes Pack will include summaries and tips of the topics that we cover during the Bridging Programme, as well as Mindmaps so that your child will be able to easily visualise and refer to these essential resources throughout 2017.

      It’s like a Secondary 1 'cheat sheet'!


      After your child attends this 10-week program, you won’t need to wonder about whether they are able to handle the secondary school syllabus, and your child will not have to struggle with trying to ‘catch up’ to other better-prepared students.

      The holiday period is just around the corner, so book your seat today via our online payment system HERE.


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      Half Programme (5 Classes)
      $3908% Saving!
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