What We Do

We are an enrichment centre that empowers your child to love learning and score higher grades in primary math.

Our classes are focused on FUN and CONCEPTS, which produces the most engaging and long term learning as possible.

Classes are conveniently spread throughout the weekend in multiple time slots, and are held in air-conditioned classrooms in centrally-located Bugis.

  • Fun and engaging ways for your child to learn math
  • Proven formulas and systems to identify and solve problem sums
  • 'Secrets' to solving math problem sums with speed
  • World-class math coaches who are passionate about math
  • Small class size so that your child receives MAXIMUM attention
  • Safe and supportive learning environment

How We Do It

Our teaching methodology focuses on CONCEPTS, PROCESSES, and FUN.

These 3 pillars provides the backbone for your your child to learn effectively, solve problems effectively, and become a confident and self-directed learner.

As a result, our students typically improve math grades faster than most parents think possible, and kids who have feared or hated math in the past can actually enjoy math.

We also find that students enjoy improved self-confidence and more fulfilling relationships with their family once they have achieved primary math mastery through our classes.

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