Our 'Breakthrough Class & Assessment'

Discover Your Child's #1 Roadblock To Achieving Math Success, And See How Much Your Child Can Enjoy Math - Even If They Currently Hate Math!

Who Is The Breakthrough Class & Assessment For?

This class is for parents who want to better understand what processes and skillsets their children are lacking, and to learn how to fix it through fun and engaging math learning techniques.

If your child has troubles with:

  • Careless mistakes
  • Identifying problem sum concepts
  • Lack of motivation or a poor attitude towards studying math
  • Achieving 'top of the class' grades

...then this class is for you.

What You & Your Child Will Get...

From our interactive class, you and your child will:

  1. Discover which part of the Problem Sum process is the greatest challenge for your child, and which skills and processes he/she lacks
    (Without knowing this critical detail, your child's grades will remain the same)
  2. Learn one Math Concept in detail, and a process on how to solve it easier and faster, with less confusion.
    (This will drastically improve how they approach math problem sums)
  3. Experience the interactive programme, to gauge if this is a suitable learning environment for him/her
    (If your child prefers interactive and fun learning methods, we are certain that they'll love our optimum learning enrichment classes)
  4. Conduct an individual assessment to see his/her Strengths and Weaknesses in understanding Math Concepts and Math foundation.
    (Understand your child's current capabilities, and how much they can improve with the proven systems to guide their problem-solving processes)

Parents typically tell us that they have a deeper understanding of their child's behaviour and learning patters, after this class.

Students usually tell us how much FUN they had, and how easy it was to solve problem sums quicker than ever before, using our 5-step process.

Parents and Students regularly tell us that they FINALLY understand what the problem sums are about and they are not so hard afterall.

Hearing the word "Fun" from their kids (when speaking about math) sounds almost unbelievable to most parents.

Learning problem sums concepts is easy too.

Many kids who come for this class pick up easy tips within just 1.5 hours.
It almost literally changed their perspective towards math within that short time.

How It Works

Our programme coordinator will advise the parents on the available slots.

PART 1:  2 hours duration

Join our Math Scholars class to learn one or two key Problem Solving processes and skills.

In this session , you child will complete a trial worksheet with topical questions or concepts that the child should know for his/ her level.

There is a short break in between the lesson where the coach gets to play games with the kids, or simply to take a rest.

PART 2: 15 minutes duration

Strengths-Weakness Assessment, testing on the Math topics/concepts that your child should know for his/her school level

Note: All worksheets will be provided, and your child will be able to bring back the worksheets and assessment from the class.

This is what our classes look like...

We even have a math 'scorecard' to help keep your child motivated and reward them for studying...

Where Are Classes Held?

  • Address: 50 Ophir Road, (Auston Institute) Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes,
    Singapore, 188690
  • Nearest MRT is Bugis MRT (5 min walk), and opposite Rochor Centre
  • Coming by car: Free parking space within church compounds
  • A map to the centre is pictured below

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo you teach concepts according to Ministry of Education's syllabus?

    Yes we do.

    In fact, the Ministry of Education’s syllabus is changing in a way that skews toward testing students on ‘application’ (demonstrating that they understand the problem and concepts) instead of just on memorising or rote learning.

    This is how we teach.
    We teach our students concepts and real problem solving skills so that they have long term knowledge and abilities to solve problems.

  • q-iconHow many concepts must children know?

    For primary level, there are a total of 15 basic concepts that students must know by the time they reach P6.

    However, for every basic concept, there are at least 2 different levels.

  • q-iconAre your concepts and problem solving techniques taught in schools?

    From what our students have told us, not all of them are taught.

    Many have told us that they heard the concepts for the first time during our classes.

  • q-iconHow will I (parent) be able to support my child at home?

    When kids attend our lessons, they get to bring their worksheets home, so that the parents can go through the worksheet with their kids.

  • q-iconHow can my child apply his/her learnings in school?

    Our students who did well tell us that they mastered our problem solving processes and they had effectively applied it in exam condition to gain the marks they deserved.

  • q-iconHow long will it take before I can see results?

    Some students take a few days, while others have taken 1 month only.

    Most children take at least 3 months to show significant improvement in grades.

    All these children who improved by at least one grade had diligently completed their homework, worked on questions without being told to (also because we had helped them to enjoy learning math here) and they put in consistent daily effort.

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