Terms & Conditions for the Math Scholars Full Programme

1. New application:
For new applications, parents are required to complete this registration form. A non-refundable $35 administration fee is chargeable upon registration. This may be waived.

2. 4-Weeks Fee:
Each payment is for 4-Weeks of lessons, e-learning access, and support group access. Parents who wish to pay via other modes (e.g. cash, cheque, bank transfer) are required to pay a Termly Fee.

3. Late Payment Fee:
There will be a late payment fee of $20 one week after each reminder.

4. Deposit:
For first-time sign-ups, each child is required to furnish a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of 4 Weeks’s fees (4 lessons). This deposit shall be used to offset 4 lessons in the following calendar month, with effect from the submission of a completed Notice of Withdrawal Form. In the event that insufficient notice or no notice is given for any withdrawal, this deposit may be forfeited.

5. Programme & Contents:
By registering in our Centre, the child will go through our programme designed to teach only process skills, concepts and techniques. This programme does not cover topical content in the way other schools practise. Instead, selected topical content will be covered to reinforce the basics so that the child can become better equipped to learn through our programme.

6. Withdrawal:
Any student who wishes to withdraw from the programme shall request for and submit a Notice of Withdrawal Form at least one month before the withdrawal date to qualify for the use of the deposit. Upon such notice, remaining lessons in that month still have to be paid in full. To re-join the Centre at a future date, he/she will be subjected to new fee structure and terms of the programme. Students will also have to be reassessed on their suitability to re-enrol into the programme and may have to join a waitlist queue.

7. Make-up lessons:
In the event of a missed lesson, no refund will be given nor can it be used to offset payment for a subsequent month’s lesson. For planned absence such as holiday trips or school CCAs, please inform our Admin Officer at least 4 days in advance. Our Admin Officer will assist to arrange a make-up lesson to be completed within 6 days from missed lesson, and preferred slots are subjected to availability. There can be up to 3 make-up lessons per child per year.

8. Parent’s declaration of special learning conditions:
It is imperative that any child with special learning conditions of any nature be made known to the centre in the official registration form. This will minimise the risk of the child joining a programme not suited to the child’s level of development and ability. These learning conditions may require specialised courses. In the event that this disclosure is not made and the child is found unfit to continue, there will not be any refund of fees.

9. Photographs & Testimonials:
While all personal information furnished on this form are confidential, photographs & testimonials taken of students can & will be used for marketing purposes.